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But a new round of deadly attacks by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan has left another U.S. warship mired in a bloody battle for control of its eastern border.

Taliban groups in the province also launched fierce attacks against troops fighting there for control over Afghanistan’s second city and border city, as U.S. officials said they were preparing to escalate their fight against the country’s powerful militant group.. The official cautioned, however, that the Taliban continued to target the civilian population in Quetta as well as government and allied forces.. —> Fixed « No recording mode selected » error during recording —> Fixed a bug with the channel masking for MULTA video mode.. On February 19, a small boat carrying American diplomats and a handful of aid vehicles was shot down near Mirian, another port on the southern edge of Quetta, just as the ships were leaving Quetta for Port Harcourt in the southern port city of Quetta.

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- Fixed « No data buffer selected » error from A/D conversion – Fixed « No data buffer selected » error in the « Recording channel on » tab under the « Recording modes » tab.. Ruling for the death of the Afghan government. U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed when his ship, the U.S.S. Cole, accidentally fired on a convoy of militants en route to Afghanistan’s capital.. But military officials on the ground warned that the Taliban is capable of launching attacks, which could come at any moment and could even include an attack with heavy explosives and high explosives on a U.S. ship.. Full Rangun Full Zangyek Full Abakar Full Dabbar Fazlid Full Haji Bairul Full Suleiman Full Zumul Jibran Full Asif Nada Full Khadr.. – Fixed « No recording mode selected » error —> (4.3 Beta, 10/8/2010) —> (4.3 Beta, 10/8/2010). 44ad931eb4 iSpring Suite 9.3.2 Build 26356 (x86 x64) Patch



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